Marriage Story won 4 awards for Gotham, American Factory won the best record

“Marriage Story” won 4 awards for Gotham, “American Factory” won the best record
Stills of “Marriage Story”.The picture comes from the online American time on December 2, the 2019 Gotham Independent Film Awards announced the winners.”Marriage Story” won the best film, best script, best actor, audience selection award 4 awards, became the biggest winner.The film will also be a big hit for Oscar.The US Supreme Court Okafina won the best final with “Don’t Tell Her”. When she received the award, she made an award speech: “(Before this award) I have never won anything, not even quarreling with others in the ins comment.Won, I want to thank grandma and grandma all over the world, thank you for petting us, loving us, and trusting us.”This is the most important acting performance she has received. Last year, she starred in the female leader’s girlfriend in” The Golden Retriever “starring the full ranking.In addition, the best documentary was won by “American Factory”.”Don’t tell her” stills.The picture comes from the complete list of winners on the Internet: Best Film: “Marriage Story” Best Final: Okafina “Don’t Tell Her” Best Actor: Adam Dreyfus “Marriage Story” Best Breakthrough Episode (single episode)40 minutes or more): “Best Colored Glasses” Best Breakthrough Series (40 minutes in a single episode): “British Youth” Best Breakthrough Director: Laurie de Clermont-Tonnell “Broncos” Best Breakthrough演员:泰勒·拉塞尔《浪潮》最佳剧本:诺亚·鲍姆巴赫《婚姻故事》最佳纪录片:《美国工厂》观众选择奖:《婚姻故事》桑拿,夜网滕朝编辑徐美琳校对 李项玲

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