After Tear the Devil, Wang Xinjun reflected on shooting Heshan with Qin Hailu’s husband and wife

After “Tear the Devil”, Wang Xinjun reflected on shooting “Heshan” with Qin Hailu’s husband and wife
Directed by Wang Xinjun, Wang Xinjun, and Qin Hailu starring in the TV series “Heshan” is being broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV.This drama is based on the cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party. It is called the story of Wei Dahe (Wang Xinjun), the head of Yang Hucheng’s subordinates, gradually growing into an excellent employee member under the influence of underground worker Jiang Yazhen (Qin Hailu) and others.A few days ago, Wang Xinjun and Qin Hailu were interviewed by the media. During their lives, the two loved each other sweetly. Qin Hailu knew that he was “surrounded by love, and he was protected.”” Lei Ju “was the most impressive character of the fine Wang Xinjun uniform that left the audience with the most impressive character. Even if Wang Mufeng of the” Tear the Devil “in the anti-Japanese martial arts drama” Anti-Japanese Warrior “, this drama was once used by netizens as ghost animals, spoof, evenHe was dubbed the originator of the “anti-war drama”, and Wang Xinjun was also ridiculed by the audience as the “god” of the “anti-war drama”.A few days ago he published a long article on Weibo’s response: “Listening to the voice of the audience is my responsibility. Everyone’s affirmation and criticism over the years are my precious wealth in the process of growing up.”” This time I was the director of the “Anti-Japanese Drama”, and in response to the previous reflections in the anti-Japanese drama, on the issue of “the plot is greater than the character or the character is greater than the plot”, Wang Xinjun decided to first take a solid character as the core,Tell stories around the characters.In the play, Wang Dajun played Wei Dahe as a bold and upright character with the loyalty and filial piety engraved in his bones, but without losing his keenness and rebellion.After the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War, Wei Dahe was transferred to the Zhongtiaoshan guerrilla column and the Eighth Route Army, the Central Army, the Jin Army, and the Sichuan Army to fight against Japan. During this time, he completed his life transformation and became an outstanding member of the Communist Party of China.While defending the motherland, he would rather die unrelentingly and be domineering. When accompanying his parents, he acted like a “silly son” of the landlord’s family. When pursuing his lover, he was also full of cute and clumsy.Known as the hero character in other “anti-war drama”, Wei Dahe is more like a living person.Still photo of Wang Xinjun.The picture comes from the network. In Wang Xinjun’s view, the so-called “Lei Ju” entered a wrong area from the beginning of the creation itself, making everyone think that the script of the anti-Japanese war is relatively correct. Sometimes it will join in order to gain more audience approval.The counterproductive plot.对此他把“雷剧”看成一个向精品迈进的过程,“‘雷剧’的出现是一个行业的惯性问题,随着我们的创作手法、认知、思想都逐渐地统一起来,制作出The quality of anti-Japanese uniforms is a matter of time.The actors and actresses first shaved their heads, “He Shan”, based on history, based on the actual anti-war deeds of the Shaanxi Army in the history as the creative basis, through the past of the heroes such as Wei Dahe, the Shaanxi Army and the people sincerely cooperated to unite eachThe story of Fang Li’s efforts to combat Japanese invaders.The creative team’s pursuit of details on the service road, the accompanying badges, military ranks, and titles of characters have all undergone historical research; on the setting of the war scene, the old leaders of the army are specially invited to jointly dig trenches and set up 40,000 explosion points.A large number of participants must be invited to restore the war scene, but the number alone cannot reflect the true state of the soldiers.In Wang Xinjun’s view, turning many mass actors into battle-hardened soldiers in an instant is not an easy task. “Because some actors are not soldiers, they must be proposed to them from walk to walk when they come.Requirements for militarization.”In order to unify the hairstyles of the soldiers under the military hats in the play, the first thing played by each participant who came to the crew is to shave his head. Wang Xinjun also specially reminded the audience to observe the hairstyles of the actors.” Some other special characters,The warriors on the front line will shave their hair, which is also the difference between “He Shan” and other scripts.”Restoration of Shaanxi’s local customs and customs The story of” Heshan “took place in Shaanxi, and Shaanxi’s local customs and customs were well restored in the play.Most of the characters in the play speak a Shaanxi dialect, and their names are also in line with Shaanxi’s habits.In the play, Wei Dahe’s mantra “ha” also caused a burst of northwestern dialect fever on the Internet, including “Dam” and “Da”, which are full of intimate dialects.In addition, the play contains high-precision and real-life details of social life, from special pasta such as meat buns and buns noodles, to the customs of traditional festivals, all revealing a strong northwest cultural atmosphere. Some Xin Baiqing and Qin Hailu were eating, Xin Baiqing made the “authentic ancestral bash face”.Showing these details is a natural thing for Wang Xinjun who grew up in the northwest from an early age. “Because he is a Northwesterner and loves to eat noodles, Qin Qiang is also an ancient drama.Including the arrangement of window grilles, Chinese New Year, and Lantern Festival in our play, this is part of our traditional Chinese culture, and it is also a regional feature of our play.”Husband and wife: It was difficult and happy to work seven years ago, Wang Xinjun and Qin Hailu collaborated in the anti-war drama” Independent Column “, and the two became married as a result.This time, Wang Xinjun and Qin Hailu starred as a pair of lovers in “Heshan”. He obtained the intelligence of the enemy from inside and outside and won several battles.Talking about the biggest difficulty and fun in the creative process, Qin Hailu said directly: “The biggest difficulty is that my husband is a director, it is too difficult.But the biggest fun is also my husband as a director, so happy!”The reason why Qin Hailu feels” too difficult “is that she knows that her husband’s professional requirements are extremely harsh, and feels” happy “because her husband is persistent but not stubborn.Qin Hailu stills.The picture comes from the network Wang Xinjun: It is interesting to work with (Qin) Hailu.From the planning stage of the script, to shooting, to post-production, she is really helping.At the scene, she said in a particularly good sentence, “Our drama is a director-centered system, and the final decision-making power of all problems is in the director”, so in terms of creation, as a producer and producer, she did not give me a hintThe pressure is completely based on my own ideas to complete the “Heshan” drama.Qin Hailu: The term “Wang Dao” is still quite new to me.He is very good at making such scenes, not because he has performed a lot before, but because he used to be a soldier. He knows this part of the history and this part of the knowledge very well.Wang Xinjun: (Qin) Hai Lu is a very good actor, very serious, and his six relatives do not recognize it at work.Many years ago, when she lined up the “Green Snake” drama, it was about two o’clock in the night. She said she was going to wash, and I listened to her talking non-stop in the bathroom. I think what happened to this person.She had been reading Xiaoqing’s lines in front of the bathroom mirror.At that moment, I felt that it would make sense for her to be an actor if she could achieve results.As a wife-in-law, I think she can take good care of all aspects of her life. You can do nothing. She will arrange everything for you, which is quite capable.Qin Hailu: My husband spoiled me for being real, quite used to me.Saying that every aspect of my life can be taken care of well, he really boasted a bit of impracticality.I am not what he said.Take him through, take him through (laughs).He is a very upright person and a person with a very delicate mind, and at the same time he is more and more mature and calmer.Many times he can rush in front and block in front, he is also willing to give up his aura, this is what a big man will do, makes you feel surrounded, protected, and spoiled, I thinkThis should be the happiest part of me.Sauna, Ye Wang editor Liu Na proofreading Zhao Lin

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